{Words of Wisdom} Patience.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder...
“This is one more piece of advice I have for you: don't get impatient. Even if things are so tangled up you can't do anything, don't get desperate or blow a fuse and start yanking on one particular thread before it's ready to come undone. You have to realize it's going to be a long process and that you'll work on things slowly, one at a time.”


{DIY Goodness} Coloring Mason Jars!

I absolutely adore mason jars. I love drinking my Moscow Mules out of mason jars, decorating with mason jars, using them to store my craft supplies, make-up brushes. They are just so versatile & I will find whatever use I can for them. 

I have been seeing colored mason jars more & more & but I  have never seen them in stores so there had to be a DIY somewhere. So, to Google & Pinterest I went & stumbled across a few DIYs out there. They were all pretty much the same with little variations. So, I'm going to show you how I did mine.
Mason Jar
Mod Podge
Gel food color {you can use regular liquid kind, this is just what I had on hand}
Brush or something to stir with
Foam Plate

I filled the bottom of the jar with about an inch and a half Mod Podge & put about 2-3 drops of food color.
 Mixed it with a foam brush, you can mix it with a popsicle stick or anything you like. Be sure it is all mixed together or you will get streaks or speckles when it dries.
 Then swirl the jar around to coat the entire jar. 
Once that is all done, turn your jar upside down so all excess glue drips onto the plate.  
then you just leave it to dry overnight. I have seen some DIYs where you actually put them in the oven. & you could probably try that too for it to dry faster. But, I was not in a rush, so decided to let it air dry.
& this is what it looked liked all dried! 
My fuchsia colored one turned out to have speckles in it, & I am sure it's because I did mix the Mod Podge & food coloring too well. So next time, I will be sure to mix it extra good. 
This was such a simple little project & I definitely will be make more! Good luck with yours!



{Life} Weekend Recap!

Man, my three day weekend breezed by. Friday I had the joy of going to the dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist. Even just thinking about it gives me crazy anxiety & makes me sick to my stomach. But, I had to go get a bunch of stuff done & decided to do sedation. If you are afraid of the dentist, I highly recommend it & you will not remember a gosh darn thing or hear anything, besides them telling you to open your mouth & move your head. Although, be sure not to bring your phone or else you will be reading conversations of things you don't even remember texting people.

Anyway, Saturday I did a little shopping. I stumbled upon these bad boys at Nordstroms. Seriously?! Please do not tell me platform sneakers are coming back, there is no way. I remember rocking these in like the 6th grade & the Spice Girls were all the rage. Oh, Steve Madden. I do not know what you are thinking.  & please ladies, I hope you are not wearing it this fall season. I will have to cut your feet off. 
Went into H&M & found this cute double breasted sweater & striped v-neck cardigan for Cain. I swear this kid is going to be so stylish & maybe even a model like his father. Bahaha. 
Saturday night, we watched the UFC fights as we always do, & Boo got a little drunk, once again... he wasn't praying to the porcelain god this week, but a trash can next to my bed. I swear with his birthday & Halloween, I am going to bet he will be throwing up every weekend in October. {sigh}

& then came Sunday funday! Went to brunch with my Aunt Heather, cousin Andrea, & brother. Got a little day wasted. 
My beautiful Aunt Heather, does not look a day over 30. {wink}
I made my way over to World Market afterwards & finally found a chair that I was looking for & I did not have to buy it in a set of 2 like they had it online & its pretty comfy. Not to mention, since it was a floor model I got 15% off + an additional 10% for being a member or whatever. SCORE! Made my day.
 Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow, MNF, P.Rivers you better score me some crazy points! & then I can't wait for the rest of the week to be over for another fun filled weekend!


{DIY Goodness} Man Bouquet {oh & NSFW}

It is always difficult to find a gift for a man that has absolutely everything & completely hates it when you buy him a gift, even if it is something deep down inside he might love & want. Well, boo's birthday is coming up & I totally thought of not getting him anything because he is such a jackass when I get him a gift, but I hardly ever listen to him {I have learned to tune out the sound of his voice sometimes} & I would feel bad {even though he could careless if I got him anything other than a card} so I had to get my creative juices flowing. & to trusty Pinterest I went & browsed for some DIY gifts that would be thoughtful, creative & something he would love & think was totally rad & think I am the most awesomeset lady in the entire universe. {he should already think this, but men need to be reminded} I stumbled upon the man bouquet. YES! PUUUURRFECT! Not like there is not enough DIYs out there on how to do it, I thought I would post my own.

pot/metal pail/basket
acrylic paint + sponge brush
wooden dowels
foam ball
glue gun
shredded kraft filler
liquor bottles {or whatever goodies you want}
total in supplies, not including the liquor, cost about $10. 

I ended up painting my terra cotta pot black. It took like 5 minutes to paint & dry & just looked better than leaving it how it was. I used a foam ball instead of the flat circle ones because I could just drop it right into the pot without having to cut the edges to make it fit. Don't worry if it sticks out a little bit because you can just cover it with the shredded filler. 

They didn't have any precut wooden dowels in stock at Michael's, so I just bought the long dowels & cut them with some scissors. I figure it is better than buying the precut ones because I am able to use the whole stick & cut them to the length I wanted. I just used a glue gun to glue the wooden dowels to the back of each bottle, you can also use tape although I don't think it would be as sturdy {but I think this is the ghetto method & kind of makes it look ghetto looking} or pipe cleaners {much more work than I was willing to put in}. 

Trying to stick with the whole Jack Daniel's theme-ish thing I had going on, I made these little toppers as fillers.  The design is not exactly like the Jack bottle, but it's similiar enough, so it will do.

Then you're going to arrange your dowels of goodness in the foam. I personally like mine to look full, I have seen some that look kind of bare & unfinished, but you can arrange it however you'd like. You can cut the dowels to whatever length your little heart desires to give your arrangement some height & depth & not look like you just stabbed those bad boys in there without any thought or consideration. 

Wrap some ribbon around the pot for a more finished look + added some filler & voila! your boozequet is all done! Easy sneezy!
Aside from his man bouquet of Jack, I got him these whiskey stones he could use for when he is feeling manly {hah} & not mixing it with Coca-Cola.

& since he had been talking about this for as long as I can remember, I got him the infamous dick towel, for those of you who watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia know exactly what I am talking about.
& since he is such a jackass, I thought this card was fitting
she has a ton of other awesome cards as well. So, peep it out.

Anyway, I hope he's stoked on his gift, jackass better love it or else! So, if you are looking to get your boo a gift that's unique & creative, make him a man bouquet!



{awesome find} CUTEST THING EVER!

OMG boys & girls, brace yourself for this awesome goodness you're about to see! This has seriously got to be the most adorable thing EVER.
When I saw this I immediately text Carolyn & asked her if I could buy it for Cain:
I ended up buying it the turkey leg {here} lady makes them herself, & she has her first baby on the way too on the 7th of November & since Cain is the 8th, I figured it was fate & had to buy it. 

I cannot wait to see Cain with turkey legs on his head! Live up to your promise of him wearing it everyday Carol or else!



{life} weekend recap.

It's so nice to finally just sit down & relax & have no agenda besides watch football & blog. {smiles} This weekend seemed to breeze by & I am sure the rest of October will too. 

This weekend I went to a friend's wedding at the Gables in San Marcos. What a hidden gem the place is! It was intimate & had a great vintage outdoor feel to it. Loved it! Here are some pictures from the wedding: 
It was  beautiful wedding! Congrats Cat + Mike. & thanks for the open bar because I had to take care of sick bear praying to the porcelain god when we got home & turning purple & having the shakes. I thought he was going to die. I stayed up to make sure he was still breathing. Haha. 

There was a Pick Your Plum deal not too long ago for some washi tape & I thought I would pick some up to see what fun stuff I could do with it. Totally forgot I ordered them until they came in the mail on Saturday. Love it when that happens because it is like you're getting surprise presents in the mail! I think this might become a new obsession for me... Like I need another one.  
Picked up this new jacket from H&M this weekend, couldn't resist since I had a 20% off coupon. 
I'm sure it will be awhile before I can wear it, but I can feel fall getting a little closer since it's finally starting to cool down a little. Hopefully, I don't jinx it & another heat waves comes through. I have been ready for the blazers & jacket & boot weather. Come faster! Please!

& a weekend recap wouldn't be complete without a food photo. Boo & I went to lunch at Island Styles. It's been so long & I was craving Korean Chicken! It was delicious!
Okay, now back to watching football & following my nail biting match up this week against Vicky!



{decor love} new workspace!

I decided today, while I was working hard, or hardly working, that I needed to put together a little "workspace" because the one I had was well... lacking. Sitting in bed & putting shit together was not the biz especially when your scissors stabbed a hole in your favorite sheets & had to get a new set that just aren't the same & I despise because it feels like sandpaper & getting down on sandpaper sheets does not feel good. 700 thread count my ass. {ugh}.

Well, anywho, did a little searching for a desk that I wanted & couldn't find anything I liked & then I stumbled about a Craigslist ad. I'm always sketch about buying stuff on Craigslist because you always see shit on the news about people getting robbed & killed so you never know if you're going to meet a psycho killer who wants to murder you & take the $10 you have in your purse. But, it was cute, clean & simple & just what I wanted & for $40, hey! Why not?! So, Boo & I went to go pick it up, take it apart & went home & put the bad boy together & this is now my workspace & I am quite smitten about it... 
It's not quite completed yet... I think I am going to put together a little inspiration wall in place of the mirror & find a tufted chair much like these ones...

I love this one & it is from Z Gallerie but I don't see it on their website anymore... bummer.
{via} World Market $259, but they come in sets of 2 & I only really need 1. 
So now, I am on the hunt for finding a new chair so I can actually make use of my desk. So, stay tuned for my workspace to be completed. 



{love notes} from people i love...

Today is national cinnamon bun day! I didn't know there was such a day, but there is & we celebrated today at work...
I thought I'd share in the cinnamon bun goodness & sneak my other share of my bon to my favorite pregnant person. I get this message shortly after she left & has been the highlight of my day....
It made me laugh out loud at my desk... & I hope it made youl augh too & you should be totally jealous if you don't have a friend like this in your life. So, now I guess I will have to wait & see if there's an aftermath to eating the rest of her bon.


{Life} Hello, October!

So, it has kind of been a little bit since I have sat down & just blogged, so I am probably just going to ranting because I feel like I have been slacking lately on blogging. But, goodness, I cannot believe it is October already & this month is going to breeze by with everything that is going on this month, before we know it Thanksgiving & Christmas will be here! Oh, how I love the holidays. So, a little recap on life...

I am glad football is back! I went to my first game for the season. 

But, I am kind of bummed I have not been doing too well in my fantasy leagues... Oh well, I am just glad football is back. 

Last month I "launched" my little Etsy store, selling cute little cupcake picks. & well, if you read my earlier post, I made my first sale, & well the orders have been coming in, not many, but orders none the less & even though it's not making me a ton of money, I am doing something I love & using my creativity skills, which I have felt I have kind of lost working a desk job. So, it makes me a little happy that I am able to do something I love & enjoy doing. I just made these little bad boys these past week & I hope they do well in the store! 

I am slowly trying to build up my inventory & think up of more cute toppers that I can make. I am also trying to think of a cutesy little name & I have been brain storming, but nothing has come to mind that I absolutely love. Here's what I thought of so far... 

Top It Off
All the Little Details
Little Lady... Something I don't know

Yeah... haha that's about all I thought of so far... I am sure it will come to me one day. But, ugh, trying to figure out a shop name is posing to be a more difficult task than I thought. So, if anyone thinks of anything that fits me, let me know! 

Oh! So, I have become obsessed with getting my eyelashes done. I seriously have started to feel naked if they are not full, thick & long looking. {hmmm that sounds a little perverted} & I have found myself wearing less makeup, which is also a plus, because as weird as it may sound, one of my goals is to become comfortable being makeup-less.  I am slowly but surely getting there. So, if any of you ladies are thinking of getting them done, GET IT! I promise you won't be disappointed & you will love how they feel  & how it makes you feel getting all those compliments about how amazing your eyelashes look. & if you need a place to get 'em done, hollatch girl, I have some hook ups. *wink*

Even though October will be a little crazy, hopefully I will not be slacking on my blogging again...