{foodie + life} bruxie, 85c, chronic tacos + weekend recap!

Oh, Monday how I really have this love/hate relationship with you. {sigh} But, at least it was a pretty good weekend! We went to a wedding this past weekend up in Newport Beach... a little awkward & weird ... Especially when the mother is saying a thank you speech to everyone & then throws in at the end "I hope it lasts..." I am sure she was not too thrilled about her son getting married. But, I had some really awesome food that I was quite stoked about, not at the wedding though, because I'm not really a fan with those 8 course Chinese style food, which is typical of asian weddings. But, we made some pit stops along the way so we could get our Bruxie fix. I am really surprised I am not 20 gazillion pounds overweight & obese. Although my muffin top is starting to reveal itself a little more. {sigh}

First stop we made after the ceremony, bruxie! Oh man, it is so delicious, I cannot even explain to you how good it is. I wish they had one in San Diego. 

Bruxie Burger...
Creme Brulee Waffle. If you ever go to Bruxie you HAVE to get this waffle. Seriously, it is like heaven. I promise you will love it.
Sunday morning before heading home we stopped at 85c bakery. This place is always packed. There was a line out the door at like 10am. Crazy if you ask me! I think it is neat how you grab a tray & some tongs & you just pick what you like & take it to the register to pay.  I always hear people rave about their sea salt coffee & teas. So, I had to try it of course. Oh man, I can see how it can be addictive. It's so good, it is like a Vietnamese coffee but not as bitter & tastes just right.
all the different pastries & baked goods...
& then we made our way to Chronic Tacos for lunch because we had this drunken conversation about Mexican food & this guy was talking about chronic tacos. So, I guess we had to try it... thoroughly disappointed. hah. this is definitely not Mexican food by any means... more like a taco bell... so yeah, don't go there. 
& can't forget Father's Day, we took daddy to the buffet since he loves buffets, we went to Valley View since we had not been there in awhile & they have lobster, family is sucker for seafood. We get there after a 30 minute drive & they are sold out. How in the hell do you sell out at a fricken buffet. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. So, we made our way to Harrah's for their buffet. Not really a buffet fan, but as long as daddy was happy. :)
I'm sure I gained at least 5 lbs this weekend, but food is always worth it. {smiles}


{beauty} Dior BB Cream

So, I was out on a hunt for a new foundation since I had ran out. I was using Armani Beauty Lasting UV Silk & I was totally in love with it for the past 2 years, but it was making me feel dark & orange at times because it can oxidize. I love the feel of lasting silk. It is light weight, oh so silky smooth, & it never made me break out & gave me the coverage I wanted without making me feel all cakey. So, I was pretty bummed when the other shades don't really make to my skin tone. So, I had to find something new. {sigh} trying to find a new foundation is almost as hard as finding a pair of jeans that fit properly in all the right areas, it's hard. BB cream is all the rage right now, I guess. & believe me I was a little hesitant to try it. Everything I need for my face in one step?! Is it possible?! Yes! It is a moisturizer, concealer & foundation all in one! {not to mention it has SPF 30} It is however a little on the pricey side, $56 from Sephora.

I am sure it's going to take me while to get used to... But, I'm doing a trial to see how using it for a week goes...



{loves} michael kors...

After a rough day & a failed math CLEP test. {I swear math will be the death of me} I decided I needed a pick me up! Luckily, Bloomingdales was having its private sale & was like oh damn! The watch I want will be on sale! {score!}
Ahhh! A little shopping + michael kors sure does cure a terrible day. :)


{random texts} sibling love.

I'm so glad my brother thought of me when he saw this someecard. {jackass}


{life} pookie love.

All I can say is... Thank goodness it is not a scorpio girl because we all know them bitches be crazy. Kidding. {not really} But, really for all you scorpio ladies out there, most of you are pretty crazy. Anyway, today I got to be a part of making an awesome memory for two amazing people! & according to Canh I started crying {which I totally did not}

I posted earlier this week, I was working on a little project {thank you, pinterest for the lovely idea} & here is the end result! 
It turned out so perfectly, even though I may have slipped a little bit, but still the reaction on their faces was priceless {+carolyn's piggy squeal - WTF} & that is what ultimately mattered. & serioulsy I am so grateful to have been able to put this together for them. Oh, & we ran in to a little hiccup putting this all together... Apparently, there is a nationwide helium shortage, WTF & poor little Paula had to run around trying to find a place to blow up balloons. But, luckily everything worked out. {or else I would have had to kill someone}
 & she's pointing out his ballsack. {haha, ballsack}

Some fun little photos after the reveal.
Now, the shower planning can now begin!



{life} weekend recap!

What a lovely weekend it was! & I'm glad to finally just get to lay in bed, watch keeping up with the kardashians {guilty pleasure} & recap my weekend.

So, I started the weekend off with this lovely message from Carolyn.
It seriously made my day & warms my heart to have someone notice the things you do & to have them appreciate it. I would do anything for her. 

I love weddings! & Saturday I had to attend two & boy it was kind of exhausting. Maybe one day soon I will be able to marry the man of my dreams & start planning my own wedding. {hah, I have a long way to go still} I swear I have had in planned in my head since I was 10 years old since I have grown up being around weddings & seeing how beautiful it really is. {sigh, one day!}
Sunday Funday! & nothing beats spending the day with my favorite boys. {love} Someone special made me some play-doh "ice cream with sprinkles" {precious really} I remember when I was maybe two or three & I would eat play-doh & it's pretty salty & disgusting. {ew}
But, while he was making me my ice cream I was working on a little project! The baby sex reveal! Wednesday is the day Carolyn & Canh find out the sex of their baby! {Eeks! so exciting} But, she wants to capture their reaction to the sex of the baby on photos. So, I started a little project today. Here is a sneak peek on what I am working on right now. 
Stay tuned for Wednesday for more pictures of on the final product! {ahhh} I'm so excited because now I can really start planning their baby shower for real & not just have it be a board on pinterest!



{random texts} because we're mean like that...

I have a friend who can always manage to give me a good laugh & I honestly love this girl like she's the sister I never had. One of the reasons why I love her is because we share the same hatred for the same people. {haha} But, I enjoy getting text msgs from her, much like this one:

Giiirrrl, it is not because you are being hormonal it is because there are just some people that just deserve to be punched in the face for no particular reason. {wink} ugh, now I feel bad for talking shit {sure, I am going to hell, so whatever}
Hmmm, thinking of bar method, maybe I should go back to working out because I have slacked off the past couple weeks because of other things & have been feeling too stellar. So starting this weekend! back to bar & getting rid of this muffin top. {sigh}



{holy hell} laser hair removal

Holy flippin' hell! is all I can say. I started my first session of laser hair removal & let me tell you it hurt like a mother... I felt as if someone was probing my poor little cookie with needles. {sigh} I should have put on the damn numbing cream {what the hell was I thinking} But, lesson learned & better luck next time... & this shit better work.


{want} tory burch eddie flats oceanic

I really like the pastel + neutral color pallette right now. Combine that with my favorite pair of flats... I'm in heaven.

Oh so minty fresh & perfect for summer.. I love the eddie flats in the leather. They're super comfy. But, I can only dream about these bad boys for now. {sigh}



{want} michael kors

Ahhh. I'm a sucker for anything black + gold. & I'm in love with this watch. Only thing I'd change is to have a sparkly bezel.
now just gotta wait for this bad boy to go on sale. {sigh}


{hah} how not to be a dick when you grow up

I wish this book were real & I can only imagine what the contents of this book would contain. But, if it were real & I ever had a little boy, I would read this to him every night, so maybe one day he won't turn out to be such a dick. {sigh}  



{loves + foodie} happy birthday, stephanie! + searsucker

Yay! June is here, which means summer's here. {even though since being adult requires working & not at the beach}. But, this weekend was filled with spending time with my favorite people + good food. Two things I really love. 
Had the chance of going to Searsucker for the first time. I was sort of hesitant on the food because I have never been & I have only been to Brian Malarkey's restaurant, Burlap, & I was thoroughly disappointed at the dinner I have had there {the brunch is pretty good though}. So, I went in with little expectations & hoping not be disappointed. But, I was not!
  bone marrow + shisito peppers {so yummy!} + diver scallops on a bed of corn beef
Also, tried their short ribs too & it was so moist & perfect. 

I would have to say I was not disappointed one bit! Well, I take that back there strawberry tart was a little bit of a letdown, but it was probably because of the basil marscapone. But, everything else, pretty much a winner!


{foodie} watermelon salad

I was browsing pinterest last week & stumbled upon a watermelon salad recipe. It looked so refreshing & delicious I had to pin it. I have this addiction with pinterest {as I'm sure all of us do!}, but I pin & pin like crazy & pinning is really as far as it goes. I have yet to follow through with any of the things I pin {hah}. But, I could not get this salad out of my mind, so I HAD to make it. I made my way to the grocery store & bought all the ingredients. 

+ watermelon {i just bought the pre-packed kind cus I don't know how to cut a watermelon + I was just too lazy}
+ feta cheese
+ serrano chile
+ olive oil
+ shallots
+ lime
+ cilantro {the recipe calls for this,  but I completely forgot to buy it, always forget something}

& here's the finished product:
The presentation does not look so great, but I could not wait to try it so I just tossed it all together. {I promise, it tastes good though} It had a nice little kick to it with the serrano chile + the lime {oh man, it was so good!} A perfect summer snack. & the next time I make it, I will definitely make it look a little more appetizing. Try it. Promise you will love it. 


{lovely finds} voluspa santiago huckleberry

I love the smell of anthropologie, something about the smell in the store I love. So, I was in there the other day & was smell candles & I fell in love with santiago huckleberry candle. The smell is amazing! It's sweet & spicy with a hint of vanilla & sugar cane. {yum} I seriously cannot stop smelling it. & not to mention it comes in an awesome glass jar that matches my decor. My bedroom smells like anthro now & I love it! 
You can score this scent at anthro for $26. 
Trust me. Get it.