{Life} Weekend Recap!

Man, my three day weekend breezed by. Friday I had the joy of going to the dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist. Even just thinking about it gives me crazy anxiety & makes me sick to my stomach. But, I had to go get a bunch of stuff done & decided to do sedation. If you are afraid of the dentist, I highly recommend it & you will not remember a gosh darn thing or hear anything, besides them telling you to open your mouth & move your head. Although, be sure not to bring your phone or else you will be reading conversations of things you don't even remember texting people.

Anyway, Saturday I did a little shopping. I stumbled upon these bad boys at Nordstroms. Seriously?! Please do not tell me platform sneakers are coming back, there is no way. I remember rocking these in like the 6th grade & the Spice Girls were all the rage. Oh, Steve Madden. I do not know what you are thinking.  & please ladies, I hope you are not wearing it this fall season. I will have to cut your feet off. 
Went into H&M & found this cute double breasted sweater & striped v-neck cardigan for Cain. I swear this kid is going to be so stylish & maybe even a model like his father. Bahaha. 
Saturday night, we watched the UFC fights as we always do, & Boo got a little drunk, once again... he wasn't praying to the porcelain god this week, but a trash can next to my bed. I swear with his birthday & Halloween, I am going to bet he will be throwing up every weekend in October. {sigh}

& then came Sunday funday! Went to brunch with my Aunt Heather, cousin Andrea, & brother. Got a little day wasted. 
My beautiful Aunt Heather, does not look a day over 30. {wink}
I made my way over to World Market afterwards & finally found a chair that I was looking for & I did not have to buy it in a set of 2 like they had it online & its pretty comfy. Not to mention, since it was a floor model I got 15% off + an additional 10% for being a member or whatever. SCORE! Made my day.
 Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow, MNF, P.Rivers you better score me some crazy points! & then I can't wait for the rest of the week to be over for another fun filled weekend!

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