{Life} Birthday Love.

The simple things & all the love on my day was more than anyone could ask for. Even though it had its moments of it possibly turning disastrous {as it tends to happen on my birthday}, I did not let it ruin my day & it turned out pretty rad.
Got to see this little dude, ahhh, he always melts my little heart. & his mama had a little romantic surprise for me, flowers! dessert from towne bakery {yum!} & wine! what more could a girl ask for?!
Dinner with this little dude + my phenomenal family
 Flowers from the boss lady. & 'tis the season my friends! I put up my little mini tree, while jamming to 'n sync home for Christmas album. {I know I'm a pretty lame, but it put a smile on my face}
 For my birthday I decided I needed some relaxation. So, we're planning a spa day at Santa Luz on Friday & these ladies always manage to make me laugh & put a smile on my face...
Thank you for everyone that made my birthday extra special & making me feel so loved! I could not be more blessed to have such amazing people in my life.


{life} weekend recap + birthday week kick off!

I tend to get a little bummed before my birthday for some reason, have not quite put my finger on it, but I do. Maybe it's because I am getting older? Eh, who knows, but this year, I decided I am going to be excited about it. So, I am excited & decided to get myself a new car! I know it's a big splurge, but I think I kind of deserved it. {smiles}
She's so pretty... It is definitely a big change going from my 300 something horsepower to like 100 & a hybrid... But, I think I'll adjust. I hope... Now time to tint her windows & lower her so I don't feel like I am driving in a mini van. 

On Friday, I finally got to sit down & have dinner at Cucina Urbana. I only had take out before & oh..my.goodness it was delicious. I love the ambience & decor & of course their good is pretty amazing. I was not disappointed in anything I had. Their burrata + proscuitto + heirloom caprese is to DIE for. Their porkchops & short rib pappardelle sooo yummy!
I know my fat ass will definitely be going back & trying more stuff on their menu. 

Sunday funday consisted of seeing this little guy...Always, ALWAYS puts a smiles on my face & lounging in Coronado. It was a perfect day & spending it with Carolyn & Cain made it so much better. It was definitely much needed girl time.

I cannot wait for this entire week...spending it with all my favorites, amazing food, {so excited to try Bankers Hill}, pampering & Renegade Craft fair. Just what a lady needs to start off her 28th birthday!