{DIY Goodness} Coloring Mason Jars!

I absolutely adore mason jars. I love drinking my Moscow Mules out of mason jars, decorating with mason jars, using them to store my craft supplies, make-up brushes. They are just so versatile & I will find whatever use I can for them. 

I have been seeing colored mason jars more & more & but I  have never seen them in stores so there had to be a DIY somewhere. So, to Google & Pinterest I went & stumbled across a few DIYs out there. They were all pretty much the same with little variations. So, I'm going to show you how I did mine.
Mason Jar
Mod Podge
Gel food color {you can use regular liquid kind, this is just what I had on hand}
Brush or something to stir with
Foam Plate

I filled the bottom of the jar with about an inch and a half Mod Podge & put about 2-3 drops of food color.
 Mixed it with a foam brush, you can mix it with a popsicle stick or anything you like. Be sure it is all mixed together or you will get streaks or speckles when it dries.
 Then swirl the jar around to coat the entire jar. 
Once that is all done, turn your jar upside down so all excess glue drips onto the plate.  
then you just leave it to dry overnight. I have seen some DIYs where you actually put them in the oven. & you could probably try that too for it to dry faster. But, I was not in a rush, so decided to let it air dry.
& this is what it looked liked all dried! 
My fuchsia colored one turned out to have speckles in it, & I am sure it's because I did mix the Mod Podge & food coloring too well. So next time, I will be sure to mix it extra good. 
This was such a simple little project & I definitely will be make more! Good luck with yours!


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