{life} weekend recap.

It's so nice to finally just sit down & relax & have no agenda besides watch football & blog. {smiles} This weekend seemed to breeze by & I am sure the rest of October will too. 

This weekend I went to a friend's wedding at the Gables in San Marcos. What a hidden gem the place is! It was intimate & had a great vintage outdoor feel to it. Loved it! Here are some pictures from the wedding: 
It was  beautiful wedding! Congrats Cat + Mike. & thanks for the open bar because I had to take care of sick bear praying to the porcelain god when we got home & turning purple & having the shakes. I thought he was going to die. I stayed up to make sure he was still breathing. Haha. 

There was a Pick Your Plum deal not too long ago for some washi tape & I thought I would pick some up to see what fun stuff I could do with it. Totally forgot I ordered them until they came in the mail on Saturday. Love it when that happens because it is like you're getting surprise presents in the mail! I think this might become a new obsession for me... Like I need another one.  
Picked up this new jacket from H&M this weekend, couldn't resist since I had a 20% off coupon. 
I'm sure it will be awhile before I can wear it, but I can feel fall getting a little closer since it's finally starting to cool down a little. Hopefully, I don't jinx it & another heat waves comes through. I have been ready for the blazers & jacket & boot weather. Come faster! Please!

& a weekend recap wouldn't be complete without a food photo. Boo & I went to lunch at Island Styles. It's been so long & I was craving Korean Chicken! It was delicious!
Okay, now back to watching football & following my nail biting match up this week against Vicky!


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