{Life} Hello, October!

So, it has kind of been a little bit since I have sat down & just blogged, so I am probably just going to ranting because I feel like I have been slacking lately on blogging. But, goodness, I cannot believe it is October already & this month is going to breeze by with everything that is going on this month, before we know it Thanksgiving & Christmas will be here! Oh, how I love the holidays. So, a little recap on life...

I am glad football is back! I went to my first game for the season. 

But, I am kind of bummed I have not been doing too well in my fantasy leagues... Oh well, I am just glad football is back. 

Last month I "launched" my little Etsy store, selling cute little cupcake picks. & well, if you read my earlier post, I made my first sale, & well the orders have been coming in, not many, but orders none the less & even though it's not making me a ton of money, I am doing something I love & using my creativity skills, which I have felt I have kind of lost working a desk job. So, it makes me a little happy that I am able to do something I love & enjoy doing. I just made these little bad boys these past week & I hope they do well in the store! 

I am slowly trying to build up my inventory & think up of more cute toppers that I can make. I am also trying to think of a cutesy little name & I have been brain storming, but nothing has come to mind that I absolutely love. Here's what I thought of so far... 

Top It Off
All the Little Details
Little Lady... Something I don't know

Yeah... haha that's about all I thought of so far... I am sure it will come to me one day. But, ugh, trying to figure out a shop name is posing to be a more difficult task than I thought. So, if anyone thinks of anything that fits me, let me know! 

Oh! So, I have become obsessed with getting my eyelashes done. I seriously have started to feel naked if they are not full, thick & long looking. {hmmm that sounds a little perverted} & I have found myself wearing less makeup, which is also a plus, because as weird as it may sound, one of my goals is to become comfortable being makeup-less.  I am slowly but surely getting there. So, if any of you ladies are thinking of getting them done, GET IT! I promise you won't be disappointed & you will love how they feel  & how it makes you feel getting all those compliments about how amazing your eyelashes look. & if you need a place to get 'em done, hollatch girl, I have some hook ups. *wink*

Even though October will be a little crazy, hopefully I will not be slacking on my blogging again...


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