{decor love} new workspace!

I decided today, while I was working hard, or hardly working, that I needed to put together a little "workspace" because the one I had was well... lacking. Sitting in bed & putting shit together was not the biz especially when your scissors stabbed a hole in your favorite sheets & had to get a new set that just aren't the same & I despise because it feels like sandpaper & getting down on sandpaper sheets does not feel good. 700 thread count my ass. {ugh}.

Well, anywho, did a little searching for a desk that I wanted & couldn't find anything I liked & then I stumbled about a Craigslist ad. I'm always sketch about buying stuff on Craigslist because you always see shit on the news about people getting robbed & killed so you never know if you're going to meet a psycho killer who wants to murder you & take the $10 you have in your purse. But, it was cute, clean & simple & just what I wanted & for $40, hey! Why not?! So, Boo & I went to go pick it up, take it apart & went home & put the bad boy together & this is now my workspace & I am quite smitten about it... 
It's not quite completed yet... I think I am going to put together a little inspiration wall in place of the mirror & find a tufted chair much like these ones...

I love this one & it is from Z Gallerie but I don't see it on their website anymore... bummer.
{via} World Market $259, but they come in sets of 2 & I only really need 1. 
So now, I am on the hunt for finding a new chair so I can actually make use of my desk. So, stay tuned for my workspace to be completed. 


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