{Awesome Find!} Warby Parker.

A couple weeks ago, I was bummed because I thought I lost my prescription glasses. I called my optometrist to see how much it would cost to get the same pair. She said it would be $420. What the eff. Really?! You know what I could do with that kind of money?! So, I made my way to Google to do a little research trying to find something that wouldn't cost me an arm & a leg. I stumbled upon Warby Parker's website. They have a variety of vintage style frames {I know very hipster}. I was a little hesitant to order glasses online because not everything fits my face....or my nose. Since, I'm asian I was blessed {rolls eyes} with the typical asian nose & don't have a bridge in my nose, so it's tough finding glasses that will stay up & my eyelashes won't get in the way. Warby Parker lets you choose 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home & you ship it back to them when yo're done trying them out! How cool is that?! So, I picked out 5 pairs & a few days later, it showed up at my door step. 

I ended up finding my glasses a few days later. But, I think I'm going to order a pair anyway just for a little variety & just in case I "lose" mine again. Cool thing is they only cost $95 with prescription + they give a pair to someone in need when you buy a pair. Pretty rad my friends! So, if you a new pair of glasses... Check them out!



{happy happy joy joy!} First Etsy Sale!

I'm ecstatic! I made my first Etsy sale! I kind of went out on a limb & put a few things I made from Carolyn's shower on Etsy just to see what would come of it. & low & behold my first sale! Ahhh! 
& then I impulsively went to buy the boots I've been eyeing. The most expensive shoes I have purchased. Ever. But, the girl with the heavy accent at Nordstroms told me... "it's an investment". An investment for what... I'm quite not sure yet. But, they're gorgeous! Now I just need to make like 500 gazillion more sales... {sigh}
& to top it all off... tonight is going to be quite an eventful one with all my loves. Hopefully no one shits themselves. On my way to buy some Depends & a pooper scooper. It's a good day my friends! :)


{Fashionista Fridays!} Fall!

It's September & it's still hot as shit. After spending the weekend in San Francisco with about 60 degree weather & a nice little wind chill, I honestly cannot wait for Fall to come around! I bought a snazzy new elbow stitched blazer at H&M while I was in SF & I cannot wait to wear it. I have been eyeing those Melissa Frye boots for quite sometime, but for $328. Ugh. Maybe if I am impulsive one of these days, I'll just suck it up & buy them. But, I'm ready for scarves, boots, knee high socks, blazers & jackets! 



{Thoughts for Thursday} Life Lessons...

I have this thing about saving inspirational articles, posts & quotes. Sometimes I will write them down, save them to my phone, bookmark them, pin them, frame them, put them on my bookshelf  & every now & then I read through them or find them randomly somewhere or take a glimpse at them & sometimes it gives me an unexpected inspiration. & we all need a little inspiration. Well, I was browsing through some old stuff & I came across this one in my bookmarks. It's an excerpt from an article, it's a few years old, but it's always a good reminder.

Attracting Miracles - Gifts are constantly showered upon us, everyday, but we choose not to see them. All we have to do is walk outside, and we will find someone less fortunate than us. Everything that happened to us on our path to this moment was a blessing, truly. Count those blessings, everyday, be grateful for all that we have… from the sunlight, to our food, for our shelter, to our relationships, to our body. As we do so, we will witness more gifts and miracles occurring in our life, moment to moment, every moment.

Overcoming Suffering - Suffering is a choice, even though during moments of intense suffering and emotional pain, the suffering seems unavoidable and that we are choice-less and hopeless. During moments of suffering, bring intense awareness into it, and tell it, repeatedly, “I will not mother these thoughts anymore! I will not create unnecessary suffering on myself! I will overcome this.”

“The Running Mind” - On any given day, there is always something that presents itself as a problem that will bother us. When thinking about it, it seems like the most urgent and important thing, and indeed, it boggles our mind throughout the day. But the moment we replace that thought with another, the problem no longer seems so real. And when you overcome it, or stop seeing it as a problem, another problem will sure surface. That is the workings of our mind. It’s not real. Be aware of it.

“It’s Okay to be Flawed” - It’s easy to judge people and point out their flaws. But when we judge, that quality which we are judging is a reflection of a flaw within ourselves. Truth is, we are all flawed, and pointing them out is the easy way out. Find the compassion and understanding to accept other people for who they are, allow them to be, for you too are flawed and surely, you would like others to allow you to be as you are. Overflow love towards that person, and see how you can shift your state of mind about that person. Look for the good.

Bad Days - No matter how bad a day can get, it has the potential to instantly change and turn around to be a breath-taking phenomenal day. It’s happened before, so why not now? Never view a “bad” mood as a permanent thing, it is what you’re feeling now, who knows what will happen in the next 5 minutes, or one hour. Accepting the present for what it is, and welcoming the next moment with freshness can only bring wonder and joy to you.

Choosing a Response - When another person is giving us attitude or saying things we don’t like, with awareness, we can choose our responses, including silence. Other people’s reaction to things has to do with them, and their state of mind. What others think, feel and chooses to respond is beyond our control. So surrender. It’s not worth spending energy on it. Let it go! It’s not about who is being the “bigger person”, it’s about recognizing an action that is fruitless and saving the energy to do something else conducive to your well being.

Blessings from a Rude Encounter - When another person is rude to us, perhaps the best lesson we can learn is how it feels on the receiving end when we are rude to others in moments of unconscious behavior. It’s a blessing. Secretly thank that person and whisper a silent prayer for them. It’s not worth getting all worked up and defensive. Find the lesson and move on.

Nature of Discontentment and Complaints - The moment we complain, we are taking this moment for granted and we are missing out on life. When we complain, we are not appreciating or trusting the wisdom of cosmic intelligence, we become disconnected with the whole, with source, with our inner selves, with nature, with bliss. And we suffer.

Expectations in Life - Expectations of exactly how things should be, how things should play out only leads to inner conflict and resulting emotional suffering. I keep re-learning this lesson, even till today. Because we cannot predict the future, and things never go as we expect in its entirety. Once we have our hearts and heads locked on a definite course of events, even a slight shift in change can shatter our hopes. Even the most secure relationships can have its unexpected turbulence. Even the most trusted friendships can take its turns from the promised future. Let whatever happens happen. Trust with great conviction that, “Whatever happens is the best thing happening to me. So let it be.”

Hope you guys will be able to go back read through these when you need a little inspiration , a little pick me up, or reminder. :)

{crafty fun!} just a little keepsake.

For Carolyn's baby shower, I had each guest write their wishes for Cain & give advice & wishes for the parents-to-be. I thought it would be a great idea to put it all together in a little scrapbook for a little keepsake for Carolyn & something Cain can look at when he gets older. & now I'm finally getting around to putting together... hopefully I can keep it simple & not go overboard... {fingers crossed}


{random people} rustynut40...

Hmm...Don't know how you found me, but "rustynut40" your name does not intrigue me & neither does your 2nd post...
Safe to say we're not going to be instafriends.

{Life!} Hello, San Francisco!

I have been there before, but this time, I think I fell in love with the city. I loved every moment of my time in San Francisco. Well, not every moment, not on Sunday night with 4 people playing fart wars. Ugh, I swear we all had our good share of methane poisoning & we totally could have died, or the homeless looking man who tried to hit on a 7 month pregnant woman & I & slapped my hand to say "stop it" in a totally gay kind of way, or the black guy at rye's. But, I could not have asked for a better trip. 
Photo Barf:
{honey honey cafe}
{clarion alley} 
 {twin peaks}
{painted ladies. full house} 
{flour + water} 
{shishito peppers, the best I have ever had}
{meat cones!}
 {outside ferry building}
{crazy lady in union square} 
{banana cream pie from tartine bakery, heavenly!} 

"Believe I'm going to die doing the things I love."