{happiness challenge} Day 8.

So, I have been wanting to for awhile now & I have finally filled in my mom about what has been going on with me & my life, {besides 1 minor detail that will remain a secret forever & ever} & the whirl wind I have been in. It really made me feel better & she's still so supportive. Mama always knows what her little one needs. {even if her baby is 27 years old} So...

Happiest moment of today:
messages from mother dearest making sure I was okay & that she loves me.


{foodie} flour + water.

I'm heading to SF for labor day weekend & one of my friends suggested we try Flour + Water. Loving food so much, I always love trying some place new, so I'm like sure why not! I google it of course & the first thing I see is "make a reservation weeks in advance or you're going to be waiting awhile eating bread & water"... I don't know about you but I get cranky when I have to wait to eat. hangrys. {hungry + angry cus hunger = anger. hah} So, I go to open table to make a reservation & the only thing open is a 10:30pm. {dang, that's a late ass dinner} Shit son, this place better be all sorts of delicious & their food better be laced with crack or something. But, I'm excited to try it & I'm excited for SF. Please come faster!!!


{happiness challenge} Day 7.

So I totally missed my happiness yesterday & I was thinking about it while laying in bed... & was like shit. So,

Happiest moment of today {err. yesterday}:
changing my hair color...
it's not there yet. & it will be a slow change, but I will soon be a red head & I think i might like it.
Time for a change, my friends. {thumbs up & high fives}



{happiness challenge} Day 6.

Happiest moment of today: 
fulfilling my tender greens craving + fresh sheets out of laundry. 


ps. i feel like a lot of my happiest moments involve food. hopefully I don't become a fatty by the time this challenge is over. 

{happiness challenge} Day 5.

Happiest moment of today:
Date night with Carolyn @ D Bar.



{happiness challenge} Day 3.

Happiness moment of today:
Laying by the pool + getting a tan.


{happiness challenge} Day 2.

Happiest moment(s) of today:
Playing craps. :) & being on vacation.



{happiness challenge} Day 1.

So, I was flipping through my flipboard & went into my Oprah board {yes, Oprah, women has a lot of insightful things to read about, subscribe if you haven't} & cam across her post on the "30 day happiness challenge". The challenge is to write down the happiest moment of every day for 30 days. I figured why not?! So here I go, day 1:

Happiest moment(s) of today: having freshly made street tacos & a getting a manicure & pedicure. :) ... Oh & having a 5 day weekend!



{foodie + life} weekend recap + ....

This weekend flew by & I would normally be sad about it, but I'm not cus it's a two day work week. {whoo hoo!} I have pretty much checked out for the rest of the week, I'm totally ready to get away. {A much needed vacation I might add!} Hopefully, it gives me the chance to just take my mind off of everything & just be able to reset.

But, first, the foodie weekend recap! Tender Greens just opened in UTC. That makes me a happy lady. Tells me this looks delicious, because it was. & you should totally try it. 
{salt + peeper chicken, Yukon mashed potatoes, + baby arugula salad}
On Friday evening went to dinner at Burlap again. I wasn't too thrilled about their food before, but since two of my cousins work there, they've told me their food has gotten much better. & it did! I'm sure they just learned what MSG is & started putting it in their food. {kidding} I was quite impressed + a $66 discount, why not! :)
{peter rabbit cocktail}
Definitely one of my faves even though it smells like cold pho, I know it sounds gross, but it's not, promise!
{shishito peppers}

{crispy rice with tuna or something rather + crabcakes}
{caramelized banana with peanut butter chocolate pudding + condensed milk cake with green tea ice cream}
I'm surprised I'm not a fatty with all the food I eat. I'm sure my metabolism will slow down soon. But, I'll worry about that when it happens.
Saturday, I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite ladies. I love Carolyn to death, she's like a sister to me & I honestly don't know what I'd do without her, she listens to my shit constantly {I'm sure the record is beyond broken by now, but she still listens}, she lets me vent when I need to & just listens until I'm done, she's supportive {but she doesn't tell me what I want to hear, but tells me what she thinks I need to hear}, she talks shit with me {about ourselves & others} & we don't judge each other, which is what I love. But, anyway, we did some reflecting & talking just about life & things & some shit talking like we normally do & it really made me think about myself & where I am in life & who I am as a person & the people that have come & gone out of our lives. By no means do I consider myself perfect {I'm totally a work in progess, like all of us are}, but I am happy I am living my life how I want regardless of other people's opinions & try to stay true to myself & be the best person to myself & the people around me. I'm growing every day as a person, constantly learning something new about myself, what I capable of & what I can handle. I'm learning to let go of all the anger & resentment I have had built up for certain people, forgive them {because they sure need it more than I do} & not let it affect me negatively. Overall, regardless of what I have been going through, I can say I am quite happy & I really am blessed. There are certain hurdles I need to overcome & some healing I need to do, but that all comes in time...
Okay, enough of that shit, be jealous cus now I have look forward to is this!
San Francisco - here I come!!! Labor day weekend needs to come faster.


{life} chin up, kid + ladies night.

So, I have kind of been slacking over this whole blogging thing. {sigh} I have been going through some crazy changes & after a grueling 3 weeks of ups & downs & crazy hormonal issues, I am finally starting to feel like myself again. {sort of. :/} But, although things are still a little crazy, it is still such a relief & a ton of weight just lifted off my shoulders. These past few weeks have been somewhat of an eye opener & it's really hard not to panic & obsess over every little detail & let my imagination run crazy, but I just have to remind myself  take a step back & breathe & focus on myself & my happiness. I may not know where this path of life is leading me, but I have faith that everything will work out for the best.
 {chin up, kid you'll be just fine!}

So, enough of this debbie downer stuff. Last night, we had a much needed girls night, we finally took this painting class at PaintNVineyard we bought off of groupon. A little sketched about taking the class since my artistic abilities are  not all that stellar. But, it turned out to be much better than I had anitcipated. {yay!} & doing it with some amazing ladies, filled with wine + love + lots of laughs made it all the more better!