{DIY Goodness} Man Bouquet {oh & NSFW}

It is always difficult to find a gift for a man that has absolutely everything & completely hates it when you buy him a gift, even if it is something deep down inside he might love & want. Well, boo's birthday is coming up & I totally thought of not getting him anything because he is such a jackass when I get him a gift, but I hardly ever listen to him {I have learned to tune out the sound of his voice sometimes} & I would feel bad {even though he could careless if I got him anything other than a card} so I had to get my creative juices flowing. & to trusty Pinterest I went & browsed for some DIY gifts that would be thoughtful, creative & something he would love & think was totally rad & think I am the most awesomeset lady in the entire universe. {he should already think this, but men need to be reminded} I stumbled upon the man bouquet. YES! PUUUURRFECT! Not like there is not enough DIYs out there on how to do it, I thought I would post my own.

pot/metal pail/basket
acrylic paint + sponge brush
wooden dowels
foam ball
glue gun
shredded kraft filler
liquor bottles {or whatever goodies you want}
total in supplies, not including the liquor, cost about $10. 

I ended up painting my terra cotta pot black. It took like 5 minutes to paint & dry & just looked better than leaving it how it was. I used a foam ball instead of the flat circle ones because I could just drop it right into the pot without having to cut the edges to make it fit. Don't worry if it sticks out a little bit because you can just cover it with the shredded filler. 

They didn't have any precut wooden dowels in stock at Michael's, so I just bought the long dowels & cut them with some scissors. I figure it is better than buying the precut ones because I am able to use the whole stick & cut them to the length I wanted. I just used a glue gun to glue the wooden dowels to the back of each bottle, you can also use tape although I don't think it would be as sturdy {but I think this is the ghetto method & kind of makes it look ghetto looking} or pipe cleaners {much more work than I was willing to put in}. 

Trying to stick with the whole Jack Daniel's theme-ish thing I had going on, I made these little toppers as fillers.  The design is not exactly like the Jack bottle, but it's similiar enough, so it will do.

Then you're going to arrange your dowels of goodness in the foam. I personally like mine to look full, I have seen some that look kind of bare & unfinished, but you can arrange it however you'd like. You can cut the dowels to whatever length your little heart desires to give your arrangement some height & depth & not look like you just stabbed those bad boys in there without any thought or consideration. 

Wrap some ribbon around the pot for a more finished look + added some filler & voila! your boozequet is all done! Easy sneezy!
Aside from his man bouquet of Jack, I got him these whiskey stones he could use for when he is feeling manly {hah} & not mixing it with Coca-Cola.

& since he had been talking about this for as long as I can remember, I got him the infamous dick towel, for those of you who watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia know exactly what I am talking about.
& since he is such a jackass, I thought this card was fitting
she has a ton of other awesome cards as well. So, peep it out.

Anyway, I hope he's stoked on his gift, jackass better love it or else! So, if you are looking to get your boo a gift that's unique & creative, make him a man bouquet!



  1. Love this! Do you have a download for those happy birthday toppers?

  2. This was best!! Thanx for the tutorial. Also, do you have a link for the towel? In addition, how did you make your signs? Thanx again.

  3. How do you make the Happy Birthday signs?

    1. You can buy them in a card store. Minis. They are perfect for this.

  4. Hahahaha this is so cool. You just gave me an idea

  5. Hahahaha this is so cool. You just gave me an idea