{foodie + life} bruxie, 85c, chronic tacos + weekend recap!

Oh, Monday how I really have this love/hate relationship with you. {sigh} But, at least it was a pretty good weekend! We went to a wedding this past weekend up in Newport Beach... a little awkward & weird ... Especially when the mother is saying a thank you speech to everyone & then throws in at the end "I hope it lasts..." I am sure she was not too thrilled about her son getting married. But, I had some really awesome food that I was quite stoked about, not at the wedding though, because I'm not really a fan with those 8 course Chinese style food, which is typical of asian weddings. But, we made some pit stops along the way so we could get our Bruxie fix. I am really surprised I am not 20 gazillion pounds overweight & obese. Although my muffin top is starting to reveal itself a little more. {sigh}

First stop we made after the ceremony, bruxie! Oh man, it is so delicious, I cannot even explain to you how good it is. I wish they had one in San Diego. 

Bruxie Burger...
Creme Brulee Waffle. If you ever go to Bruxie you HAVE to get this waffle. Seriously, it is like heaven. I promise you will love it.
Sunday morning before heading home we stopped at 85c bakery. This place is always packed. There was a line out the door at like 10am. Crazy if you ask me! I think it is neat how you grab a tray & some tongs & you just pick what you like & take it to the register to pay.  I always hear people rave about their sea salt coffee & teas. So, I had to try it of course. Oh man, I can see how it can be addictive. It's so good, it is like a Vietnamese coffee but not as bitter & tastes just right.
all the different pastries & baked goods...
& then we made our way to Chronic Tacos for lunch because we had this drunken conversation about Mexican food & this guy was talking about chronic tacos. So, I guess we had to try it... thoroughly disappointed. hah. this is definitely not Mexican food by any means... more like a taco bell... so yeah, don't go there. 
& can't forget Father's Day, we took daddy to the buffet since he loves buffets, we went to Valley View since we had not been there in awhile & they have lobster, family is sucker for seafood. We get there after a 30 minute drive & they are sold out. How in the hell do you sell out at a fricken buffet. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. So, we made our way to Harrah's for their buffet. Not really a buffet fan, but as long as daddy was happy. :)
I'm sure I gained at least 5 lbs this weekend, but food is always worth it. {smiles}

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