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All I can say is... Thank goodness it is not a scorpio girl because we all know them bitches be crazy. Kidding. {not really} But, really for all you scorpio ladies out there, most of you are pretty crazy. Anyway, today I got to be a part of making an awesome memory for two amazing people! & according to Canh I started crying {which I totally did not}

I posted earlier this week, I was working on a little project {thank you, pinterest for the lovely idea} & here is the end result! 
It turned out so perfectly, even though I may have slipped a little bit, but still the reaction on their faces was priceless {+carolyn's piggy squeal - WTF} & that is what ultimately mattered. & serioulsy I am so grateful to have been able to put this together for them. Oh, & we ran in to a little hiccup putting this all together... Apparently, there is a nationwide helium shortage, WTF & poor little Paula had to run around trying to find a place to blow up balloons. But, luckily everything worked out. {or else I would have had to kill someone}
 & she's pointing out his ballsack. {haha, ballsack}

Some fun little photos after the reveal.
Now, the shower planning can now begin!


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