{life} weekend recap!

What a lovely weekend it was! & I'm glad to finally just get to lay in bed, watch keeping up with the kardashians {guilty pleasure} & recap my weekend.

So, I started the weekend off with this lovely message from Carolyn.
It seriously made my day & warms my heart to have someone notice the things you do & to have them appreciate it. I would do anything for her. 

I love weddings! & Saturday I had to attend two & boy it was kind of exhausting. Maybe one day soon I will be able to marry the man of my dreams & start planning my own wedding. {hah, I have a long way to go still} I swear I have had in planned in my head since I was 10 years old since I have grown up being around weddings & seeing how beautiful it really is. {sigh, one day!}
Sunday Funday! & nothing beats spending the day with my favorite boys. {love} Someone special made me some play-doh "ice cream with sprinkles" {precious really} I remember when I was maybe two or three & I would eat play-doh & it's pretty salty & disgusting. {ew}
But, while he was making me my ice cream I was working on a little project! The baby sex reveal! Wednesday is the day Carolyn & Canh find out the sex of their baby! {Eeks! so exciting} But, she wants to capture their reaction to the sex of the baby on photos. So, I started a little project today. Here is a sneak peek on what I am working on right now. 
Stay tuned for Wednesday for more pictures of on the final product! {ahhh} I'm so excited because now I can really start planning their baby shower for real & not just have it be a board on pinterest!


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  1. Can't say it enough but I'm so blessed to have you in my life, it only took us 20 some odd years to find eachother, but totally worth it! Love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know! <3