{random texts} because we're mean like that...

I have a friend who can always manage to give me a good laugh & I honestly love this girl like she's the sister I never had. One of the reasons why I love her is because we share the same hatred for the same people. {haha} But, I enjoy getting text msgs from her, much like this one:

Giiirrrl, it is not because you are being hormonal it is because there are just some people that just deserve to be punched in the face for no particular reason. {wink} ugh, now I feel bad for talking shit {sure, I am going to hell, so whatever}
Hmmm, thinking of bar method, maybe I should go back to working out because I have slacked off the past couple weeks because of other things & have been feeling too stellar. So starting this weekend! back to bar & getting rid of this muffin top. {sigh}



  1. hahaha no you didn't! hey at least we're going to hell together :)

    1. haha. mmm hmmm. I did giirrlfriend. haha I thought it was funny. & i would love to go to hell with you! as log as we're still together! :)