{Life} Weekend Recap... Or a week?

So, I have been made aware of my lack of blogging... So, I am probably going to barf out a lot of random crap that happened this past week because I would say it was quite an eventful one to say the least & I am sure it will be this way for the rest of the year. This year has definitely been a little bitter sweet & I am completely ready for this year to end already. 
Thanksgiving this year was definitely one I was grateful for. My dad was in the hospital uo until Thanksgiving morning because his appendix had ruptured.  Let me tell you, that shit is crazy beacuse he did not decide to go to the hospital till a week after it had ruptured. Seriously?? A week?? I know. But, praise baby Jesus that he was able to recover & come home. It would not have been the same without him.
I swear this little guy is getting so big! He's already up to my boobs & he's 4. My goodness. I'm sure he'll taller than me in no time... although that is not a farfetched thing my any means because everyone in my family is taller than I am. But, man it is really amazing seeing this little guy grow!
 Look at this little guy... so precious, melts my heart. I'm in love with this little turtle!
Saturday I went to lunch at Con Pane in Liberty Station with my favorite Persian ever  & seriously one of my oldest friends I still keep in touch with since middle school. Let me tell you the sandies here are amazing. I got the roast beef  on rosemary + olive bread & it was delicious!
We took a nice little stroll afterwards, it was a little chillie willie, but it was nice to be out & walking around, enjoying San Diego, which I feel I don't do so much during the day. I think I am going to make a goal to maybe enjoy my city a little more during the day whenever possible & not be such a night owl, I am sure it will catch up to me as a get older if I keep this night owlness up.

Speaking of night owl, celebrated Vicky's dirty thirty this weekend... craziness I must say, filled with lots of love & laughs & tons of liquor.
 & the chargers lost... again. What a surprise. But what made up for the loss was the dude calling me an asshole. Yes, dude, I am an asshole, thanks. 

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