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Falling back an hour today has got me all sorts of confused. I have felt like this has been the longest day ever, not in a bad way, but I felt like I was able to get quite a few things accomplished today. I feel like it has been forever since I have sat down & had the time to blog. Life apparently has gotten in the way & I cannot believe we are already in November... Thanksgiving... Christmas... & before we know it this year will be over... I am glad I have finally set aside time to just sit down & relax & blog...

Friday night boo & I went to Burlap. & happy to say I did not have to drag him here because he had to cancel breakfast on me & felt terrible. So, I had to pick where I wanted to have dinner without him vetoing it. The night was filled with shit talking about bourgeois crowd because it is one of his pet peeves. I am glad he was a good sport through all of it & we managed to make it through dinner without him being too horribly annoyed or being a diva. I would have to say I am quite proud of him. {baby steps}
Last week I decided to get the silhouette cameo, I have been eyeing this bad boy for awhile, but I was not willing to fork over the $270 for it yet. But, I had racked up so many American Express points {big spender!}, I only had to pay $54 for my new machine. {score!} I spent most of my Saturday playing with it... etching, cutting vinyl, & finally putting more stock up on my etsy store. Money well spent, I might add. Here's a little sneak peek at little etching I did... I will put up a tutorial later. 
Sunday was Ces' baby shower for baby Jake. They did the whole cute baby block theme, it was adorable. Note to self: I should start making cute little letter block toppers. 
Oooh, Cain is due to come this week! Man how time flies... I swear it was not that long ago when I received a call from Carol Cakes crying about strep throat that had turn out to be a baby. Ahhh! I cannot wait to meet the little guy.

Have a good week my friends! 


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