{Awesome Find!} Warby Parker.

A couple weeks ago, I was bummed because I thought I lost my prescription glasses. I called my optometrist to see how much it would cost to get the same pair. She said it would be $420. What the eff. Really?! You know what I could do with that kind of money?! So, I made my way to Google to do a little research trying to find something that wouldn't cost me an arm & a leg. I stumbled upon Warby Parker's website. They have a variety of vintage style frames {I know very hipster}. I was a little hesitant to order glasses online because not everything fits my face....or my nose. Since, I'm asian I was blessed {rolls eyes} with the typical asian nose & don't have a bridge in my nose, so it's tough finding glasses that will stay up & my eyelashes won't get in the way. Warby Parker lets you choose 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home & you ship it back to them when yo're done trying them out! How cool is that?! So, I picked out 5 pairs & a few days later, it showed up at my door step. 

I ended up finding my glasses a few days later. But, I think I'm going to order a pair anyway just for a little variety & just in case I "lose" mine again. Cool thing is they only cost $95 with prescription + they give a pair to someone in need when you buy a pair. Pretty rad my friends! So, if you a new pair of glasses... Check them out!


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