{happy happy joy joy!} First Etsy Sale!

I'm ecstatic! I made my first Etsy sale! I kind of went out on a limb & put a few things I made from Carolyn's shower on Etsy just to see what would come of it. & low & behold my first sale! Ahhh! 
& then I impulsively went to buy the boots I've been eyeing. The most expensive shoes I have purchased. Ever. But, the girl with the heavy accent at Nordstroms told me... "it's an investment". An investment for what... I'm quite not sure yet. But, they're gorgeous! Now I just need to make like 500 gazillion more sales... {sigh}
& to top it all off... tonight is going to be quite an eventful one with all my loves. Hopefully no one shits themselves. On my way to buy some Depends & a pooper scooper. It's a good day my friends! :)

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