{Sunday + Happiness Challenge} Day 27...

I was feeling quite lazy waking up on Sunday morning, especially after such an eventful Saturday, but I had to force myself out of the house because it was hot as shit. So, I decided to step out for a little bit to take in the lovely San Diego sun.

I went to brunch at True Food, I have been meaning to try this place for awhile because I have heard some pretty spectacular things about it & everything being fresh, organic, and  I started off with the kale aid. & it was yummy, makes me wanna start juicing... {sort of} probably more work than I'm willing to put in.
Their watermelon salad is pretty fricken delicious watermelon + goat cheese + heirloom tomatoes + basil, can't really go wrong, but of course maybe some serrano chilies on it would have added a great kick to it, none the less the  salad was still refreshing especially on a hot summer day.
I also had their Thai shrimp dumplings, which were yummy the sauce it was in was sour & tangy, which I like.  & I had the panang curry for my main course, it was good, but I hate the fact that they put the brown rice at the bottom of the bowl instead of on the side & then pour the curry all over it, Ugh, I hate soggy rice. But overall, pretty good & I will definitely probably be back to try some other things on their menu.
After brunch, we made our way to the ghetto to go to the asian supermarket. Ugh, I hate asian supermarkets, one of the worst places to go, I will avoid them like a fricken plague, the smell of walking into one makes me one to vomit & I totally gagged like 5 times after walking in there. But, the gags were worth it because they had live lobsters on sale for $5.99/lb. {winning!!!} We boiled these bad boys when we got home. SOOOO gooood.
 Overall happiest moment of yesterday:
Going to Encinitas & dipping my toes into the pacific ocean. & the water was pretty warm I might add.
& watching the beautiful sunset...

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