{Amazing Saturday+Happiness Challenge} Loves, Foodie + Day 24-26.

So, I have kind of slacked on my happiness challenge a couple days. But, this Saturday made up for these past couple days.  I must say this is the most spectacular Saturday I have had in awhile. From morning till evening it was quite eventful! 

First start to my morning, the wonderful Emily came over & put on my eyelash extensions. I must say, I'm pretty stoked about not having to put on mascara every morning.
ahhh. I'm in love with my eyelashes. Watch out boys, this little lady is going to bat her flirty new eye lashes at you. ;) {totally kidding} I was also able to get some quality time in with some of my lovely cousins that came over to get their lashes done too... oh man the conversations we have. Reminiscing on our childhood & how far we have come {so nostalgic} to tree hugging pot smokers to lesbians being fisted mid arm deep?? {WTF. I can't even imagine} It was some darn good bonding! Carolcakes came over to join in on our fun & we finished some baby shower stuff, which is only a week away & I am so excited & anxious for it. I hope it turns out how I envision it in my head. 

After a great morning, I made my way to Herringbone. I have been wanting to try this place since it opened. Oh.Em.Gee I have to say it is one of my new favorite restaurants! You have to go & I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
The decor is uhmazing! The first part of the restaurant has an open ceiling so you get the feel that you're outside & being in La Jolla during the summer...it's pretty awesome + the olive trees growing inside, I was in love!
We got there at about 4... so they had not started serving dinner yet, so I got a salad to hold me over. Their heirloom tomato + burrata salad. YUM!!! Although, I'd prefer smaller heirloom tomatoes, it was still delicious. Their burrata cheese TO DIE FOR.
After a couple drinks it was finally time to order some dinner. We started out with the duck + mushroom ragout. I have been on this duck kick lately & this definitely fulfilled my craving.
+ oyster sampler. oysters were fresh & yummy.
 & the whole fish ceviche. & when they say whole fish, they mean whole fricken fish. raw head + tail. I was a little creeped out because I have never seen such a thing, but the fish tasted so fresh & with the olive oil & lime, it was yummy!
 For our main courses we had berkshire pork chop, the combination of plums + kale + fennel + walnuts was perfect! 
+ wood roasted local red rock fish. It had the crazy head & tail thing going on again, but it was at least cooked this time. My brother decided to pry our the eyeballs... it plopped right out. {ew. it was so gross} but, the fish was pretty good. 
Overall, my experience at Herringbone was not disappointing at all & everything we tried was so yummy!

After we finished, Amy decided we needed to try Oscar's Mexican Seafood in La Jolla. Since she went earlier this week & they were closed due to renovations, she thought maybe she'd try again because she was raving about their surf & turf tacos & fish tacos... but, they weren't. still closed for renovations. {bummer} Now, Oscar's is on my list of must try places in the near future. Since we were near PB we'd thought we'd make a stop at Tower 23. Great place, great atmosphere, but filled with a bunch of dbag GTL bartenders & people... Haha but I guess that is expected being in PB. 
 Pimm's Cup + GTL bartender in the background. {super douche}
We also watched the spectacular sunset... Man, reason why I love living in San Diego & would probably never leave. 
After finishing our drinks & watching the sunset we headed back to Herringbone for dessert. & just like the rest of their dishes, it did not disappoint. Their dessert is heavenly!!! Chocolate hazelnut bar. It was rich & had a perfect crunch to it in the brownie & the nuts. Delicious!
& because we're fatasses & couldn't choose we also got the vanilla bean napoleon. It was unlike any dessert I have ever had & I think it's my new favorite dessert. The carmelized phyllo was so crispy with vanilla creme & figs. It's a must try! Promise you will love it. 
& getting messages from these ladies...My day could not have ended any better!
Today made me realize how great my life is, it's filled with some pretty rad people. I am such a lucky lady! Even with everything I have been through these past couple months, today reminded me how important it is to not forget what I do have, & how thankful & blessed I am to have the people I do in it. I can feel big changes in my future, positive ones & I can't wait for them to happen. 


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