{Happiness Challenge} Day 28...

Happiest moment(s) of today:
Having dinner with my favorite little man. Seriously, his laughter & smiles are so contagious, it can brighten any person's day & it sure as hell brightened mine!
& I love my crabby carol cakes...
She always manages to know how to make me feel better about any situation & let's me vent. & I just might voodoo that shit later. So, if you ever feel as if someone stabbed you in the eyes and punched your throat while you're sitting there... I made a voodoo of your ass.  {wink}

Trying not to be all soft & shit, but I'm a sucker for quotes & she sent me this yesterday. Truth...
"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest...it's about who came & never left your side." 



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    1. you hush, snatch. ;) I am allowed to have my emo moment for the week. :)