{foodie} flour + water.

I'm heading to SF for labor day weekend & one of my friends suggested we try Flour + Water. Loving food so much, I always love trying some place new, so I'm like sure why not! I google it of course & the first thing I see is "make a reservation weeks in advance or you're going to be waiting awhile eating bread & water"... I don't know about you but I get cranky when I have to wait to eat. hangrys. {hungry + angry cus hunger = anger. hah} So, I go to open table to make a reservation & the only thing open is a 10:30pm. {dang, that's a late ass dinner} Shit son, this place better be all sorts of delicious & their food better be laced with crack or something. But, I'm excited to try it & I'm excited for SF. Please come faster!!!


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