{holidays} memorial day weekend!

Memorial day weekend! Ahh, the first signs of summer. Hooray! But, really thank you to the men & women who have died serving our country & for those still serving our country. {as i'm typing this, I am realizing I had one too many mules + maybe should not have eaten that brownie.} but, here's a recap of my wonderful weekend. 

urge gastropub. not really a fan of their food, but i'd have to say their kahlaua pork sliders are pretty darn yummy & flavorful + their anjou salad. {yum yum yum} + beer tasters + awesome company. 

Hong Kong. {mmm, mmm, mmm} great hole in the wall chinese place after a long day{& night} of drinking.

& comes Sunday Funday! {oh yeah!} Mark's annual kick off to summer + rib cook off. Lots of food! Lots of fun! & great company!!! 
80 lb. beef leg. It was SO good. {I know it's scary looking} 
Amazing pretty ladies!
 Pink Water Gun.
 My favorite pregnant person {Carolcakes!}, look at this woman eat!
Hello, mister police ociffer, I swear we are not doing anything illegal {hah}.
& after a long day of getting day wasted & a long nap... ahhh pho! {swear this cures a headache & hangover from drinking} thank you, carolyn for picking me up & taking me to get food. {muah!}

It has been a pretty rad weekend & we still got one more day to go!


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